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About Sayoko



Sayoko Burton is a Certified Origami Art Instructor and a qualified Art Therapist.
She trained as an art therapist in Sydney and is a member of the
International Institute for Complementary Therapists.


She specializes in working with children, adolescence and adults.  She focuses on improving people’s well-being, developing creativity and imagination.


Sayoko is a very creative person.  Some of her creative talents come from her Japanese cultural background.
She learned traditional Japanese Art such as Origami from her grandmother when she was very young.
She still enjoys making traditional Japanese art and many other creative arts. Sayoko is also a member of NIPPON Origami Association in Japan.

Currently Sayoko is teaching Origami in aged care centres and helping seniors with their motor skills and mental focus.  She also teaches Origami in Cultural events and community centres.

She runs an Origami workshop for adults, children and individuals.  She also runs Origami therapy Group as well.

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